The Sheridan Club

A place for lounging

The Sheridan Club

Welcome. You have found your way to The Sheridan Club. A place where those of an idle disposition may while away the hours with like minded individuals. A place where devotees of the philosophies effused by The Chap unites the virtues of revolutionary etiquette and common courtesy with the pleasures of the Dry Martini and the briar pipe. may engage in the frank exchange of badinage, persiflage and bons mots, and be sure they are among equals.

Some might describe The Sheridan Club as a Bulletin Board or Discussion Forum, and indeed that's where its origins may be traced - a Chap Room, if you will. But think of it more as club for the discerning lady or gentleman where, if only for a while, you can cosset yourself away from the hoi polloi and their rat race.

The Sheridan Club has been crafted to bear an uncanny resemblance to Windows Help. This gives the advantage of subterfuge in that should you be unfortunate to have to attend work for a living, you can have The Sheridan Club present on you Babbage screen without drawing attention to yourself - afterall what could be more natural than consulting a bit of help. And for those of you using an Apple Mac, because The Sheridan Club looks more businesslike than lesser nooks of the interweb, you should still be able to use it without drawing undue attention to yourself.

So, at the risk of looking like a clueless chump always consulting Windows Help, please come and join us. Indulge yourself in frivolous badinage, extend yourself with weighty discourse, and pleasure yourself with humourous intercourse. In short, step up to The Sheridan Club.